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                 ‘Indian rich top world in looking to leave country’



                MUMBAI: The Covid may have put international travel plans on the backburner but it has not stopped high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from shop for new countries to set up base in — either as long-term residents or citizens.


                In 2020, wealthy Indians again topped the list of those making enquiries for ‘residence-by-investment’ or ‘citizenship-by-investment’ programmes. The number of enquiries rose from 2019, said a facilitating agency. Since India does not permit dual citizenship, opting for ‘citizenship by-investment’ means giving up one’s Indian passport.


                The combination of Covid and political turmoil saw the US, in sixth place in 2019, shoot up to the second slot.

                在新冠疫情和◥政治动荡的双重影响下,美国从2019年的 好第六名升至第二名。

                About 7,000 wealthy Indians left country in 2019, says report


                The third, fourth and fifth spots in terms of enquiries made were taken up by Pakistanis, South Africans and Nigerians, respectively. These details were shared with TOI by Henley & Partners, a global firm engaged in residence and citizenship planning.

                巴╳基斯坦人、南 小唯頓時笑了非人和尼日利亚人分别排在第三、第四和第五位』。Henley & Partners向《印度时报》透露了这些靈魂烙印頓時被震散细节,这是一家从事居住和@ 公民规划的全球公司。

                As per ‘Global Wealth Migration Review’, issued by New World Wealth, a wealth intelligence firm, Indians were the second largest contingent among the millionaire category to move overseas. Nearly 7,000 wealthy Indians (comprising 2% of the HNWIs) left the country during 2019. It appears that the interest is not waning.



                Vijay Saha

                People are getting fedup paying taxes and taxes, and no social security in return, if govt collects tax they have to be given some protection..that's why people move out..




                What a shame ! We are clubbed with failed countries like Nigeria and Pakistan !




                Balinder Singh

                That is only achievement of Modi that people are thinking to leave India




                Modis greatest achievement. If india and economy are improving then why those people are leaving?



                Joseph A.P.

                India has lost its way. A low quality PM and his sycophantic team are to be blamed.



                Mukesh M

                Law abiding, tax paying honest people getting harassed by police, politicians and goons, they always want a way out and if someone has the means to afford it they will move out.



                Sahil Chaudhary

                BS!!! I am a Canadian and rather live here in Canada and pay taxes through the wazoo than in a filthy country. It's not because of taxes. Its quality of life thing.

                废话! !我现在是加拿大公民,我宁愿住ξ在加拿大,也不愿在肮脏的国家交税。不♂是因为税收,而是因为生活质量问题。



                The short sighted PM with useless reforms and religious disharmony, has reduced the confidence to invest unless one is gujju businessman. Educated and rich are leaving the country.




                Sorry to say but Hindusthan is full of filth. and ill mannered people. The cities are like dustbins and railway stations are like toilets.



                Jasmeet Kohli

                India needs to get out of its 70s socialist style thinking especially its bureaucracy if it aspires to be a 5 trillion dollar economy.



                Varghese Panamkodan

                People who can will leave India BJP/RSS have ruined the communal harmony of India. LAL SALAM!!!!!!!



                Guest Login

                there is no point on being second class citizens .. There is no place better than my India



                Parthasarathi DasGupta

                This things are going to happen. There is no social security in India. Inflation rate is too high so whatever is your savings after retirement it will erode at a rate of an average 8-9 percentage per year. In cities old peoples are treated like extras. So what rich old man will do ? They are leaving the country and with them taking a substantial chunk of wealth. Because top 1% control 86 % of the wealth.

                这种事情是注☆定会发生的。印度没有社会保障,通货膨胀率太高了,所以不※管你退休后存了多少钱,钱都会以平均每年8- 9%的↘速度缩水。在城市,老年人卐被当作多余的人对待。那有钱的老人会怎么做隨后低聲喃喃道呢?他们离开了这个国Ψ 家,带走了大量财富,1%的隨后冷冷笑道富人控制着86%的财富。


                Rahul Verma

                Quite sad and understandable. When you tax high income salaried people (who put a lot of effort to reach where they are) at 40% ..



                Elangovan Periasamy

                High caste tag enjoyed in India wont work in these racist countries even white garbage collector will treat them dirts.

                在印度享受特殊待遇的高种姓在这些种ζ 族主义国家不吃香,就连白人垃圾清【理工也把他们当垃圾对待。


                Gita P

                Mochi has ruined the country in just 7 years.

                now, I really want Congress party to come back to power asap Next time what ever happens I will vote for Congress. No more Hindutva, or Mandir card can fool me any more.


                三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 资讯 » 印度富人寻求离开本国,移居海外