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                 Trump is acquitted for 2nd time, as 7 Republicans vote guilty



                WASHINGTON: A Senate still bruised from the most violent attack on the Capitol in two centuries acquitted former President Donald Trump on Saturday in his second impeachment trial, as all but a few Republicans locked arms to reject a case that he incited the January 6 rampage in a last-ditch attempt to cling to power.


                Under the watch of National Guard troops still patrolling the historic building, a bipartisan majority voted to find Trump guilty of the House’s single charge of incitement of insurrection. They included seven Republicans, more members of a president’s party than have ever returned an adverse verdict in an impeachment trial.

                两党多数投票认定特朗↘普犯有众议院提出的煽动叛∏乱罪。其中包括7名共和党人,这次总统所在政党成㊣ 员在弹劾审判中作出不利裁决的人数是有史以来最多的。

                But with most of Trump’s party coalescing around him, the 57-43 tally fell 10 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict him and to allow the Senate to move to disqualify him from holding future office.


                Among the Republicans breaking ranks to find guilty the man who led their party for four tumultuous years, demanding absolute loyalty, were Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania.

                投票判其有罪的共和党人是北卡【罗来纳州参议员理查德·伯尔(Richard Burr)、路易斯安那州参◇议员比尔·卡西迪(Bill Cassidy)、缅因州参议员苏珊·柯林斯(Susan Collins)、阿拉斯加州▓参议员丽莎·穆尔科卐斯基(Lisa Murkowski)、犹他州参议员米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)、内布拉※斯加州参议员本·萨斯(Ben Sasse)和宾夕法尼亚州参议员▅帕特·图米(Pat Toomey)。


                Phiroze Gundevia

                how many of us know that kamala and Biden refused to condemn last summer riots in many US cities where many people, police officers and many many businesses were destroyed..

                有多少人知道卡玛拉和拜登拒绝谴责去年夏天发生在美国许多①城市的骚乱,很多平民和警察受伤,很多企业ω 被打砸


                Sai Narayan

                Trump now can contest next elections victory for US de acy



                Typsygypsy Gypsytypsy

                Hooray !!! The Democrats are a bunch of losers .. Kamala Harris had started a campaign to raise bail funding for protesters' arrested during the mayhem in mid 2020. Hasn't she incited criminal activities ? Wait and watch the economy of mighty US will crumble and China, we all fear, will be ahead of the US with Biden's dopey sleepy head policies and Yellen's support for China!

                太好了! !






                Rakesh Mitra

                Trump has been the best president. He did his best for USA.



                aaaa bbbb

                Whatever Trump did he did it openly. Kamala Harris and Biden does it in the dark like snakes. These two people can never ever trusted. The world will realize very soon




                I wish Trump comes again and completes his remaining tasks.



                Ram Permalla

                Whatever Trump did as President of USA was to save USA and his policy was 'Country First'. That is good for any Nation.



                Desmond Harris

                The Democrats Impeachments 1 & 2 had nothing to do with the alleged wrong doings of President Trump and everything to do with politics.



                nit p

                Donald has every opportunity to come at the big stage..this biden fellow is a clown..none other second mauni baba




                57 : 43 is still a simple majority.



                Doc A

                there is literally no difference between US Court and our Indian court.




                Trump 2024 & BJP 2024 (Nitin Gadkari or someone Capitalist)




                Well done America.........



                jeet singh

                Haha now trump will get a heros welcome next time after biden cannot cotain china and the chinese virus



                Dev S

                This is victory of right over evil ..



                Lucky B

                If election were fair Trump would have won it.




                Trump will come back again after 4 years if he remains in good health. Others may like him or hate him but fact is that most of the whites in US like Trump.

                4年后,如果@ 特朗普身体健康的话,他还会回来的。其他人可能喜欢他,也▽可能讨厌他,但事实是,美国大多数白人都喜欢特朗普。

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