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                 India to pip EU as world's 3rd largest power consumer by 2040: IEA



                NEW DELHI: India will dislodge the European Union as the world’s third-largest energy consumer by 2030 as urbanised population expands and rapid economic growth pulls more people out of poverty, says the International Energy Agency’s second ‘India Energy Outlook’ released on Tuesday.


                By 2040, India’s electricity system will be larger than the EU in terms of generation capacity and the country will have more renewable capacity than the US.


                The country will contribute 25% of the global growth in energy demand through 2040, posting the largest increase for any country, the report says.


                But this will also pose twin challenges of securing energy supplies and meeting the “swelling demand without exacerbating issues like costly energy imports, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions”.


                IEA executive director Fatih Birol says, “The stakes could not be higher, for India and for the world. All roads to successful global clean energy transitions go via India.”

                国际能源机构执行主任Fatih Birol说:“对印度和全世界来々说,这关系重大@ 。全球清洁能源转型的成功之路必***定经过印度。”


                True Indian

                If you look at the charts, after 2014 both clean cooking and electricity access has increase dramatically. Thank you Modiji!



                Anand Mirle

                All this accompanies by huge growth...



                Law Index

                To achieve such long term projects and goals, we need NDA led by Modhiji to continue for another Fifteen Years at least.




                The pollution is already so bad you can barely breathe and most people coughing is because of high pollution. Looks like it is only going to get worse and there will be related lung diseases. What India also needs to do is get a handle on population growth.





                Venakt Gopalakrishnan

                There are Considerable Confluence and Concentration of Chamcha Corrupt CONGIS, Cheap Capital Crazy COMMUNISTS like the Gold Smuggling CM of Kerala, Communal forces, Regional Zealots out to destroy India from within to dampen the Development Agenda. Get Rid of them, First and Foremost.



                Bala Srinivasan

                Market economy global economy,large consumer market with affordability are in INDIA's favour making it consumer driven market demand promoting energy supply to INDIA both from within&without.A rising INDIA which is not a threat to global market will help in global peace&progress unlike the mercantile hegemonic CHINA.




                Most remarkable thing in the Budget was the HYDROGEN MISSION - the fuel of the future. Thanks Modiji and Team. For pollution solution, there is no better solution.



                Mukul Mudgal

                I hope govt pushes for renewable power sources. Then only it makes sense. Otherwise it’ll cause more issues like the recent avalanche.


                x y

                Recent avalanche washed away a renewable power source. Did you know that?



                Zainul Abedin

                Creating a market for Adani Power ?




                We need clean energy transition plan. We cannot rely on oil and gas for our energy needs. What are the states doing to increase clean energy transition?




                Each house in Europe consumes so much power in heating that can light up an entire Indian village. Westerners have destroyed the equilibrium of planet Earth.




                jumla charts prepared by some dkhead bhakt...bodi and his team not fit to even be a good chaiwala...live in reality or just die


                Seshasai Srinivasan

                The data is coming from International Energy Agency, not form GOI. Please read before dismissing anything just because you don't like Modi.



                Suresh Narayan

                Why are you talking about something another 20yrs from. Lot could change in thise 20yrs and no one cares about what you wrote. Write about what India can do next 5yrs even if its small accomplishments.


                三泰ω 虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 资讯 » 到2040年,印度将超过欧盟,成为全球第三大电力消费国