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                 Foreign investors pour into India stocks despite sinking economy


                India’s shrinking economy is not stopping foreign investors from pouring money into the nation’s stocks betting on a recovery.


                International buyers plowed a net $6 billion into shares in Asia’s third-largest economy in August, the most since March last year. That’s as all other markets in the region excluding China suffered net withdrawals during the month.



                Part of it is a bet that Indian equities will play catch-up after trailing the region’s benchmark so far in 2020: the S&P BSE Sensex has underperformed the MSCI Asia Pacific Index by about 6.5 percentage points. Foreigners were also drawn to share sales by some of India’s marquee financial firms — ICICI Bank Ltd., Axis Bank Ltd. and mortgage lender Housing Development Finance Corp raised a combined ($4.7 billion) last month.

                其中一部分是押注印度股市在2020年迄今一直落后于该地区基准股指之后,将那樣会急起直追:标准普尔和孟买证交所Sensex指数的表现落☆后于摩根士丹利资本国际亚太指数约6.5个百分点。外国投资者也被印度一些知名金融公司的股票出售所吸引◥,这些公司包括印度工业信身上青色光芒不斷爆閃而起贷投资银行(ICICI Bank Ltd.)、Axis银行(Axis Bank Ltd.)和抵押贷款机构印度住房开发金融公司(Housing Development Finance Corp .),上个月总计筹资47亿美元。

                “We place India at the top of the list with China for investment returns over the next 12-24 months,” said Nuno Fernandes, who helps oversee more than $2 billion in emerging-market assets at GW&K Investment Management LLC in New York. “India equities represent one of the fastest growth areas in the world.”

                纽约GW&K投资管顯然這攻擊也消耗了他們不少理公司的Nuno Fernandes说:“我们将印度和中国何林不斷在未来12-24个月的投资回报√排名首位。”Fernandes帮助管理的新兴市场资产超过20亿美元。印度股市是全球增长最快的领域之一。”

                Foreigners have remained net buyers even after data Monday showed India’s economy shrank by a record 23.9% in the June quarter, putting in a net $231 million in the first three days of September. Helping them look past the grim GDP data is the improvement in business activity from July after the lockdown curbs were eased.

                尽管周一公布的数据显示,印度经★济在6月当季萎缩23.9%,9月可是份头三天净入2.31亿美元,但净买家仍是外国投资者。在放松限制措施后不然,商业活动较7月份有所改善,这有助ζ 于他们忽略糟糕的GDP数据。

                “We need to look beyond the near term and consider companies that will benefit from the normalization of economic activity and demand,” said Amit Goel, a fund manager at Fidelity International. Goel, who oversees $1.6 billion in India Focus Fund, said he bought shares of private banks, a large staples company and health-care firms in the past three months.


                Still, rapidly rising virus cases have put a dampener on investor confidence. With the number nearing 4 million, India is becoming the world’s new virus epicenter.


                “As long as Covid-19 cases continue, localized lockdowns are likely to hinder an economic recovery,” said Kristy Fong, senior investment director for Asian Equities at Aberdeen Standard Investments. Aberdeen has turned “more defensive” as it expects a “patchy rather than a V-shaped recovery,” she said.


                For the bulls, there remain plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Indian shares.


                “The worst is behind us and we’re steadily heading toward a recovery,” Amit Shah, head of India equity research at BNP Paribas said in a note Thursday, citing improving auto sales, plentiful rains that will improve rural wages and the central bank’s easy monetary policy. BNP expects the Sensex to end the year at 41,500, 8% higher from Friday’s close.



                译文来源:三泰虎 /p/50757.html   译者:Jessica.Wu

                Godfather Senior

                It is the confidence of the investors that they see no looters are there in the present go nment now!



                Krishna Nair

                keep anti India media away from negative news against our country, globally market is down why can't see that.



                Rai Bahadur

                Good job by Avataari and Yug Purush Modi Ji. India is doing great under his leadership! My entire family and caste will vote for BJP!




                Ashok Gupta

                Whole world except some Corrupt Indians are praising Indian Economy .


                Rational Corp

                Which world?




                Its gambling... no logic .. no transparency in market



                N R

                The Modi Effect.



                Sham Shastry

                It is time to withdraw all lock-down measures completely and let economy of the country progress. Enough is enough of this corona fear.



                Nation First

                India First.



                pmk mut

                as long as modiji in place its trust 200%



                Ramesh J

                Foreign investors are betting on Ambani because they believe Indian Government is ready to do anything in favour Ambani.



                KA S

                But still minus 24% ?. How hard u godi media are trying to uphold ur masters image. Really incredible creature.

                印度经济萎缩了24% ?




                Vincent Rajkumar

                FII are targeting Indian money. Beware.



                Digest The Truth

                Lol another fake news reported.



                Sameer Nirgude

                This is just a dream. Don't worry other ASEAN countries are more competitive than India. India may attract only 20-30% of this traffic moving out from China where as ASEAN countries will get bulk of it.



                Bhupinder Grewal

                Self praise. Get real




                Economy isn't sinking, how a country if it's economy is sinking could buy, Rafale, Apache, AK 47, Sukhov, distribute free ration for 6 months' & distribute LPG cylinders free? Indian economy is bound to leapfrog as it never before.

                印度经济没有下滑,一个国家的︾经济如果在下滑,怎么买得起阵风战机,阿帕則比任何人要努力奇直升机,AK 47,苏々霍伊战机,给穷人发融合放6个月免费配给,免费分发液化石油◤气气瓶?




                Ha ha....Joke of the day. only dreams from last 6 years.



                Balhans Jayaswal

                Foreign investors know that India is being ruled not by a pappu or a puppet. So they are betting on Indian economy to rise and shine.



                Mehul Choksi

                It is because of confidence on Indian Economy.


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