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                 Garment companies shift from China to India


                CHENNAI: When German leisure wear brand Marc O’Polo called its Indian vendor Warsaw International to place an order for supply of some jerseys, proprietor Raja Shanmugam knew this order was different. The same product was supplied by his competitor in China to Marc O’Polo all these years. “We have a huge order. It’s a litmus test for us and the country. If we crack it, then gates open for more global brands to increase their India sourcing,” Shanmugam said.

                金奈:当德→国休闲服装品牌Marc O’ Polo打电话给印度供聯手应商华沙国际,向其订购运动衫一旁时,老板Raja Shanmugam知』道这次的订单是不同的。这些年来,中国竞争对手一直向Marc O’ Polo供应同样的产這順天盟極為神秘品。“我们有一个大订单。对我们而︾言,这是试眼睛卻死死金石。如果我们∏打开大门,就会有更多的全球品牌增加在印度的采购,”Shanmugam说道。

                “This season (normally begins September 1), we expect a lot more sourcing from India as brands realise that they need to look at alternatives. We only wish that the 6-month moratorium is extended as we are in very early days of restart and we need handholding and support from the go nment,” Shanmugam, who also heads the Tirupur Exporters Association, said. “I expect a 25% increase in sourcing this season.”

                Shanmugam同时也是Tirupur出口商协会的负责人,他说:“这一季(通常从9月1日开始),我们肯定有秘密预计会有更多品牌从印度采购,因为各大品牌◤意识到他们需要寻找替代选择。我们就再也沒有人能夠從神界闖入空間裂縫而到下界來了只希望为期6个月的延期还款能延长,因为我们现在还处在重启 我奇怪的初期,我们需要政府的帮助和支持。我预计本季的采购将增加25%。”


                P Nataraj, MD of KPR Mills, a leading garment exporter and among the largest yarn exporters from India, echoed similar views. “Our buyers have told us that this year sourcing from India will be much higher than last. We will know about the actual size of increased orders in a couple of weeks. We are just opening up after the lockdown,” he said.

                KPR Mills的总经理P Nataraj也表达了到時候找他們类似观点。KPR Mills是印度主要的服装出口商,也是印度最大的纱线出眼中殺機爆閃口商之一。他说:“我们的买家告诉我们,今年从印度采购的数量【将比去年多得多。几周后我们就会知道增加订单的实际数量。封你可是連修煉都沒修煉過艾如今锁刚结束,我们正在重启。”

                Similarly, Carter’s — once the world’s largest baby wear brand — has asked SP Apparels in neighbouring Avinashi in western Tamil Nadu to work on developing a new fabric (using man-made fibres) as it wants to shift significantly from China to India. “Carter’s is working with us to develop a new fabric. If it clicks, then it’s a huge opportunity,” said P Sunder Rajan, MD of SP Apparels.

                同样,曾经是全球最大童装↑品牌的卡特已要求位于泰米尔纳德邦西部好了的Avinashi附近的SP服装公司开发一种新面料(使用〖人造纤维),因为该公司希望从中国转向印度。“卡特正与我死期们合作开发一种新面料。如果成功了,那就是∑ 一个巨大的机会,”SP服装公司的总经理隨后冷笑P Sunder Rajan说道。

                “Beating China is tough as they have the scale, but looks like a beginning has been made this time. We will need a lot of support on labour, financial and infrastructure from the go nment,” Rajan added. Industry body Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) too is chipping in.


                “We are in negotiations with Taiwanese and Korean entities for a joint venture, which will work on developing the fabric with man-made fibre. We are very strong in natural fibres, but the opportunities in man-made fibre is humongous. We need assistance, which is why we are looking at joint ventures for fabric development. The talks are progressing well,” said A Sakthivel, chairman of AEPC. The contours of the discussion are to get the fabric ready for sports wear and lounge wear.


                Garment exports from Tirupur dropped to Rs 25,000 crore for the year ended March 2020 from Rs 26,000 crore in the previous year as the Covid pandemic wiped away most March exports. The target was to export garments worth Rs 28,000 crore. Domestic sales were flat at Rs 25,000 crore for the fiscal. The town employs 6 lakh workers, half of whom are from other states.

                由于疫情,3月份的大部分出口泡汤,截至2020年3月, 蒂鲁巴是為了寶星大拍賣的服装出口从前一年的2600亿卢比降至2500亿卢比。其目标原本■是出口价值2800亿卢比的服装。在该财年,印度国内销ω售额与出口持平,为2500亿卢比。该镇雇佣了60万名工人,其中一半〗来自其他邦。


                译文来源:三泰虎  /p/50752.html 译者:Jessica.Wu

                Srinivas Siddarth

                Nothing is impossible for Indians under the leadership of Modiji.God bless Indians with some wisdom.

                在□ 莫迪的领导下,印陡然一陣愕然度人没有什么是做不到的。神赐予印度人智慧。


                Piyush Kumar

                Such news is definitely encouraging but it's far from enough. It's high time India invites foreign universities like MIT Harvard etc to open some kind of extension centers or tie up in India to boost our own R&D. India is nowhere in new inventions.





                Maya Mahant

                Hope the go nment is listening in and does the necessary hand holding, in terms of finances, infrastructure and labour. Way to go India




                Gradually a huge production base shall shift to India which would generate employment and boost economy



                Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

                For the millionth time Iam saying change our work attitude -Management take care of workers to the best of your ability (Financially) Kick anti working Unions -lat chance for India to revive



                Kishore Sagar

                Welcome news...go nment needs to support these small sacale units to optimum level...



                Deepak Goyal

                India can never prosper like china in manufacturing untill goverment start supporting small businessman by castrating the officers of different departments who dont let the businessman work freely




                Opportunities are knocking at our doors, Make in India for the World (Quality should never be compromised) and thereby not just hit the Chinese below the belt but also ensure a beautiful future for our industry and a highly skilled & educated man power. Very Good News....




                India needs to seriously cut red tape & bureaucracy if she has to grab this unique God given opportunity of shift of manufacturing business from China to India. Equally important is seriously clamping down on unscrupulous trade union activity most of whom work on political agendas rather than true labor welfare. Ease of doing business is the trump card to attract such enterprises which will inturn drastically increase foreign inestment.





                Ramesh Sargam

                India need to utilize this golden opportunity to its best and improve its economy, GDP, etc.



                D Caa

                Make the most of the opportunity. Opportunities do not knock the doors repeatedly.




                To become Economically Powerful like China, now we badly need Strict Family Laws: 2-Children Only!! for Next 20-years..minimum




                Thakur Singh

                China has anticipated the shift in business to other countries particularly India.



                Pappus Aas Washer

                Fantastic opportunities for India. Private corporations should gear up. Should give top priority to quality. Should take good care of employees. Government should help with policies favourable to everyone. Use this opportunity to propel India to become super power




                Extremely encouraging news for the Indian Garment Industry.. I hope they get the help they are expecting from the Govt and India is able to crack this opportunity.. This is humongous and can turn the tides of economy as well .. All the best !!!






                Good development for India. All thanks to our beloved PM Modi.




                This is a good news. India can become a major manufacturing hub for readymade garments. It has huge potential


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