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                 PM Narendra Modi: India to be reliable arms supplier to ‘friends’


                NEW DELHI: India will not only establish a strong defence industrial base but also become a reliable arms supplier to friendly countries in the years ahead, which will further consolidate its strategic partnerships and position it as the “net security provider” in the Indian Ocean Region, PM Narendra Modi said on Thursday.


                Speaking at a defence industry outreach webinar, the PM said his go nment had taken several steps to increase defence production, promote development of new military technologies and maximise the private sector’s participation in the critical arena. “Our commitment to achieve self-reliance is not restricted to just talk or papers. The effort in the last few years has been to break all shackles associated with the defence production sector. We are witnessing a new mindset... self-confidence in the defence sector is very important for a modern and Atmanirbhar Bharat,” he said.




                The go nment’s resolve for Atmanirbhar Bharat is “not inward-looking” but aimed at boosting India’s production capabilities and helping the global economy and security become more stable, he added. Referring to the move to “corporatise” the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), which has 41 factories and 16 other entities under it, Modi said it had been run like a “go nment department” for decades. This “limited vision” adversely impacted not only the country and the armed forces, but also its “hardworking, experienced and talented” workers, he said.


                Defence minister Rajnath Singh said the corporatisation of OFB, which aims to convert it into one or more 100% go nment-owned public sector corporate entities, will be completed within a year. The PM said the recent negative arms import list — under which acquisition of 101 weapon systems and platforms from abroad will be progressively banned from December 2020 to December 2025 — will be expanded to include more products.


                “Domestic industry will get more orders in the coming days,”The PM pointed to the decision in May to hike the FDI limit to 74% from 49% in the defence production sector through the automatic clearance route. With India being a huge market, foreign arms companies will greatly benefit by entering into joint ventures with Indian companies, he said. “We all collectively have to achieve the target of Atmanirbhar Bharat. It is a win-win situation for everyone, including the public sector, private sector and foreign partners. The go nment is committed to providing a better ecosystem,” he said.

                莫迪说:“国内〖工业将在未来几天获得更多订单。”莫迪指出,今年5月,印度决定通过自动审批想要喘口气途径,将国防生产部门的外国直接投资上限从49%提高到74%。他说,由于印度是一个巨大的市勾魂令场,外国军火公司将通过与印度⌒ 公司建立合资企业而什么?昨晚我住处附近有命案发生受益匪浅。他说:“我们所∑有人都必须实现自力更生的目标。这对所有人来说都是双赢的局面,包括公呼延傲博共部门、私营部门和外国合作伙伴。政府致力于提供更好的生态系统。”


                译文来源:三泰虎 /p/50669.html   译者:Jessica.Wu

                Syrah Syrah

                This man is a con artist. Sabse bada nautanki. Deserves a gold oscar trophy.

                这个人是个行骗高手,应ω 该给他颁发奥斯卡金像奖。

                Anurag Dandekar

                At least he has the vision. Unlike Pappu whose party people know only to fill their own coffers



                Indi arm

                Make a simple rifle with bullets first. Then boast and wild dreams.


                Masood Syed

                Out of 75 years NDA ruled for six years. Why they have done



                Ahsan Zahir

                First the honourable PM should try to give reliable weapons to the armed forces instead of giving jumlas after jumlas.




                COngress has destroyed the working culture of Bharat. THe centre should disband OFB and privatize it little by little. If the oFB staff goes on strike then arrest them and make them come back to work under the wartime protocol. OFB not only doesn't work efficiently but provides substandard weapons to the military.




                Reliable arms means..bows, arrows, big big knives, talwars, shools, trishools, crowns and so on perhaps...




                Tied of listening nonsense. No limit for besharam bhashans.

                受够这些废话□ 了


                Yashodhan Muzumdar

                When India was dying of corona Modi was busy in feeding peacocks in designer dresses.




                Who want outdated wepons.


                LS rawat

                China began with outdated technology & world powerful defence & economy now



                Bhupinder Grewal

                Modi BHAGATS, Modi Media and Modi are genius in lying after lying. Drama after DRAMA. Talking after talking. Action is always under the covers of clouds



                export Modi

                Yes, supply Indian arms to Bhutan, may be to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives. Anybody else interested in 3rd handed retired Indian junks?




                What ever he has said, he has not done! What ever he didn't say, he has done!!!.




                Vicky Sharma

                Sure. Feku will buy Rafale from France at 10 times the price and sell it to Bangla Desh at 100 times. Thats how Indian economy will shoot up, as envisaged by Nirmala and Feku.

                印度将以10倍的价格从法国▼购买“阵风”战机,然后以100倍的㊣ 价格卖给孟加拉国。这就是印度经济腾飞的方式,正如西塔拉曼和莫迪所设想的那样。


                Truth Fails

                This won't happen in your era. Because you are a feku and keep faking people.



                Bablu Patel

                when Country people are distressing, he wants Arms Race, shameless fellow, Corona Tally soon to be No 2



                Avinash Singh

                First take care of our own defence needs!




                PM Modi is a visionary Leader.




                We have been listening this since so many years now. Let us do it and then make announcements.



                kunik patel

                First satisfay the indian defence force’s demand!



                Ravin P.

                Which nations are friendly to us? Let every Bharatiya know very clearly.


                三泰虎原创〓译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 资讯 » 莫迪:印度将成为“友国”的可靠武器供应国