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                 Indian techie thrown in middle of US immigration debate in heated election season



                WASHINGTON: Resplendent in an orange and green saree, Sudha Sundari Narayanan, a software developer from India, was among five immigrants sworn in as American citizens in a White House ceremony that placed her front and center of a turbulent debate on immigration and presidential privilege in a heated election season.


                “Sudha is a talented software developer. She and her husband are raising two beautiful, wonderful children ‘the apples of your life,' right? Thank you very much and congratulations. Fantastic job,” Trump said as he handed her the Certificate of Citizenship in a naturalization ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, after describing her as a “phenomenal success” who was born in India, and who came to the United States 13 years ago.


                The event was taped and broadcast later in the night to the virtual Republican National Convention, inviting charges that the President was using the White House pulpit for blatantly political purposes in violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits civil servants from using their title, office, or any sort of go nment resource while engaging in political activities.


                Although it is not the first time Trump has presided over a naturalization ceremony, the timing and the locale of the event, not to speak of placing an Indian at the center, was seen as a move to court immigrant votes in an election where small margins and voting blocks will matter, particularly after Democrats pitchforked Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate.

                尽管这不是特朗普第一次主持入@ 籍仪式,但鉴于此次的时那色魔一般是在晚上作案间和地点,而且把一位印度人安排在中间位置为什么不要,这一举动被视为是为◣了争取移民的选票,尤其是在皿煮党提名卡玛▽拉·哈里斯成一看就是名贵品牌为乔·拜登的竞选≡搭档之后。

                “Today America rejoices as we welcome five absolutely incredible new members into our great American family. You are now fellow citizens of the greatest nation on the face of God’s Earth. Congratulations,” Trump told Sudha and immigrants from Lebanon, Bolivia, Sudan and Ghana who flanked her, adding that the newly sworn-in American citizens followed the rules, obeyed the laws, learned the nation’s history, embraced American values and proved themselves to be men and women of the highest integrity.


                The White House event came on Day Two of the Republican National Convention where First Lady Melania Trump stirred considerable interest by acknowledging the “harsh reality” of racism in the United States, a fact that many Trump supporters, including Indian-American Nikki Haley in her speech on Monday, deny.

                入籍仪式是在共和党全国代表々大会的第二天举行饶是所乾已经是亲王级别的。在大会上,第一夫人梅拉尼娅·特朗普承认美国存在种族ξ 主义的“残酷现实”,引起了极大的兴趣。包括印裔美问话国人妮基·黑利在内的许♀多特朗普支持者在周一的演讲中否◆认了这一事实。

                Female voters, minorities, immigrant citizens, and the young college-educated form the bedrock of Democratic support in the U.S, even as older white voters have gravitated towards the Republican Party. Both sides are attempting to consolidate their support while nibbling away at the other's base with targeted showmanship like he naturalization ceremony and voter mobilization drives.



                译文来源:三泰虎 /p/50661.html   译者:Jessica.Wu

                Shasti Brata

                All I can hope is that this lady and her husband vote for Trump in this election. I also hope that Indian Americans overwhelmingly vote for Trump, and NOT for the fake Indian American who has been propped up by the Democrats as Vice President candidate. Kamala Harris has ALWAYS taken positions against India, and as for Biden, he is pretty much a Chinese agent.



                Vande Matram

                election time stunt to reach out to indian voters for vote.



                Khagaraj Sommu

                The naturalization ceremony is a routine affair.And that there is an Indian person among the new citizens is nothing out of the ordinary.




                All Indian Americans should vote for Trump, not the isis supporting tax raising democrats.




                All Indians must vote for Trump. He is really good India and USA



                Bau Saheb

                Lot of Indians should get opportunity to go to USA on student VISA. While they are on student visa they can marry USA girls/women and get American citizenship.



                bhartiya singh

                America is not racist. Americans are not racist. These racism cry will disappear within USA once the Presidential Election is over. Americans must worry about re-building the racial chasm caused recently by politicians, leftist media and few foreign hands.



                Fossil By Then

                Congratulations..!! 13 years back they took the best and wisest decision in their lives. If they were in Indian IT company, by now they'd be half mad and on the road.. Indian road..!!

                恭喜! !13年前,她做出∞了一生中最明智的决定。如果她在印度站在那里翘望着的IT公司上班,现在已经疯了 ! !


                N Renganathan

                however , Uncle Sam needs to be more considerate on H1B for Indian diaspora , the need of hour .



                Mam Ng

                They just call her to White House and give and publicize. Now a days, US do all cheap ways to get publicity.


                Masood Syed

                Following the path of his friend Modi



                Niladri Mantena

                As usual, the Trumpy man is big on theatricals and Reality shows. He cannot even understand the complex problems his country is going through.



                Jayant Avinash

                world needs a no nonsense leader like Trump to counter China and islamists..



                Shaleen Mathur

                Now see how eager are those Indians ready to leave the citizenship of world's largest de acy and richest civilizational history.

                看看这∑ 些印度人是多么渴望离开印度这个世界上最大的皿煮国家,文★明最丰富最悠久的国家啊。


                Sushil Seth

                For me important & thrilling is that Indians have a say in US election




                Goondas, mafias, murderers , cheats, criminals and looters control our elections whereas educated Indians are wooed to vote in US elections.. What an irony..!!

                暴徒、黑手党、谋杀犯、骗子、罪犯和抢劫者操控了我ξ们的选举,而受过教育的印度人却去参〖加美国选举。太讽刺了 ! !


                Mt Titan

                Wicked South Indians are doing very well in America.




                Presidential election is highlighting true colors of American politics



                Raj Shah

                On the other hand, he wants to kick H1b out of US, and now in desperation he trying to woo Indian voters.



                Jagdish Madan

                Indian votes matter in any US election!


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