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                 Maharashtra: 1 dead, many feared trapped after multi-storey building collapses in Raigad


                NAVI MUMBAI: As many as 80 people got trapped while one other died when a ground-plus-five-storey building collapsed in Kharkan Mohalla of Mahad town in Raigad district on Monday evening.


                Following the incident, three NDRF teams from Pune were rushed to the spot to launch search and rescue operation.


                The rescue teams have so far managed to extricate around 60 people from the debris.



                Meanwhile, chief minister Uddhav Thackeray called Mahad MLA Bharat Gogawale and Raigad collector Nidhi Chaudhary to take stock of the situation. He has directed them to expedite the rescue operations.


                Around 250 people were staying in the building which had 47 flats. The building started trembling at around 6pm and then its pillars collapsed. The building was constructed in 2011 and was developed by Kohinoor Developers, Panvel.


                Mahad sub-divisional officer Vitthal Inamdar said, “Around 25 people managed to come out when the building started shaking.”

                马哈德分区官Vitthal Inamdar说:“大楼开始摇晃时㊣,大约有25人从里》面逃出来。”

                Raigad SP Anil Paraskar said, “Around 60 people have been extricated from the debris. Of them, over 30 have suffered minor injuries."

                莱加德 SP Anil Paraskar说:“已经从废墟中救出约60人。其中30多人受了轻伤←。”

                Raigad police PRO Suresh Yamgar said, “The injured have been rushed to a local go nment hospital for further treatment.”

                莱是什么加德警方PRO Suresh Yamgar表示,“伤者已被紧急送往当╳地公立医院接受进一步治疗我得走人了╱。”

                Raigad district information officer Manoj Sanap said, “Three teams of NDRF from Pune have joined the rescue operation. Workers, gas cutters, generator sets, excavators and ambulances have been pressed into service. Keeping in mind the situation, arrangements for blood transfusion have been done at Mangaon sub-district and Alibag civil hospitals.”

                莱加德区的信息∩官Manoj Sanap说:“来自普纳的三支NDRF小组已经加入了救援行动。工人、气割机、发电机组、挖掘机☆和救护车已经到位。考虑到这随意一出手都是可能要别人性命种情况,已经在Mangaon街道和Alibag地方医』院安排了输血。”

                Mahad resident and former councillor Bipin Mhamunkar alleged, “I had complained about the poor quality construction work of the building and had sought a structural audit. The authorities ignored it.”

                马哈德居民前议员Bipin Mhamunkar称,“我投〓诉过建筑质量差,并要→求进行结构审计。但当局对此不予↘理睬。


                Rajesh Singhal

                The main reason behind the frequent collapse of buildings is co ption within the Govt Offices and the greed of the Contractors just because of the fact that there is no punishment for the people who commit such offences.

                建筑频繁倒塌背后的主要原因是政府官附败,承包商贪㊣ 婪,但犯下这些罪行的人没有受到惩罚。



                6 years old building collapsing. Disgusting... no one will take responsibility now and just see how the buck is passed on. All the culprits will go scot free and this is Democratic India. Jai hind



                Raghunath Rajput

                A building of only 9 years old collapsed. Make accountable builder and architect

                and hang them in full public view.

                一座只有9年的建筑看来这两人倒塌了,开ξ 发商和建筑师要承担责任,公开对方却处泰自然绞死他们。

                Adonis Singh

                Oh stupid why is architect responsible? It's the fault of the go nment authorities who approve these buildings



                Vinod Soni

                builder must loose the license and spent rest of life in Jail


                Utpal Kumar Dhar

                Who will send him to jail?



                Rampock Remo

                Somehow these builders escape with bribery.



                Ramesh Sargam

                Every monsoon season these types of building collapses happens. Only that time the Mumbai Corporation officials/staff wakes up to investigate. But no concrete step they take. And slowly they forget the incident, only to wake up next monsoon season.

                每到雨季,就会发生这Ψ 种类型的倒塌事故。只有在这个时候,官才会进行调查▅,但他们不会腹中采取具体的措施。慢慢地,他们会忘了这些事故,直到下一个雨季∞。


                Maverick Tiranga

                Kohinoor developers. Seize all their properties



                Ashis Mitra

                How can a 6 year old house collapse ?



                9 year old... not 6 years. constructed in 2011. irrespective not that old that it should collapse...



                Kamalaranjan Nandi

                Its not new ,any example of strict action ?



                Gaana User

                Corruption kills



                Raz Patnaik

                Another building collapse! Hardly surprising! Each year a least 50 such major accidents happen! How many times have you heard of Building Collapsing in Developed nations? Extremely rarely! In our country, it all boils down to Corruption through cost-cutting! I really wonder how many Real Estate companies have been severely punished because of such Corruption. Human lives in Bharat are very, very cheap! Everyone knows that!



                Anik Chowdhury

                Sad incident ,proper enquiry required to find any foul play.May the deceased rest in peace and the injured get well soon



                Steffi Wilson

                which officers gave certificates of the building's structural integrity?




                main questions are: When was this Building completed?,

                whether the Builder is absconding ?

                Court and police should look into the quality Construction, cost of construction and make Builder pay for residences of the occupant.




                HappyTimes User

                Disgusting to see such incidents and to see the authorities being callous about them with no action to avoid such accidents




                in our country we don't learn lesson from such type of tragedy.. please God save trapped persons



                Sanjoy Pandy

                Very sad and unfortunate incident. Who are responsible ?



                Khidr Niyazi

                Mumbai is a hazard zone. So no surprise.


                三泰虎原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 资讯 » 印度一栋五层建筑倒塌,造成1人死亡,多人被困