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                 26% of global Covid cases last week from India


                One out of every four people in the world who caught the Covid-19 infection last week was from India. The country’s share in the week’s fresh global cases rose to 26.2%, crossing the quarter mark for the first time. In deaths, India’s share rose marginally to 16.9%.


                Meanwhile, new infections on Monday dipped to a seven-day low of 59,041 following a sharp decrease of nearly 40% in the number of tests since Friday’s record high of 10.3 lakh tests. There were 848 deaths reported on Monday, the lowest daily toll since August 4.



                With the number of cases reported in the country last week rising to over 4.5 lakh, India accounted for over 26% of global cases. The country's share in global cases in the previous week (August 10-16) was 23.9%. In the week before that (August 3-9), it was 22.7%, as per data from worldometers.info. India has a 13% share in Covid-19 cases in the world so far. In deaths, India's share last week was 16.9%, as compared with 16.8% and 15.2% in the previous two weeks, respectively.


                In keeping with the trend of a dip in cases seen every Monday, fresh infections detected in most states were lower than the previous day's numbers. Some of the exceptions were Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and Chhattisgarh, where the count rose slightly from Sunday's tallies. Madhya Pradesh was the only state that reported its highest single-day spike in cases on Monday, recording 1,292 fresh infections.


                Maharashtra and Mumbai recorded a significant dip in Covid fatalities on Monday. The state reported 212 fatalities, which was the lowest in 34 days, while Mumbai reported 20 deaths, lowest in 105 days since May 11. A civic official said that the plunge in deaths though was mainly because of less reporting during the weekend. "It was also a festival. The deaths will reflect in the next few days once hospitals update their reports," a civic official said.


                印度时报读者的评论: 译者:Jessica.Wu

                Rahul Gandhi had warned us last month that the Covid cases would cross 20 lakhs by 10-Aug-2020. And he was right, we crossed 20 lakh cases before his deadline. What is important is that the BJP dismissed this claim stating that Mr. Gandhi had "limited knowledge of Covid". It is not surprising that the BJP cannot see the present reality as they are always living in the past. Even now they blame the previous Congress govts for their failures, which is the classic sign of losers. Even their IT cell made the shocking claim that Nehru was to blame for Covid as he introduced airlines in India which brought the virus to us.

                拉胡尔·甘地上个月殺機在他身上蔓延著警告说,到2020年8月10日,印度累计确诊病例将超就是仙君都沒可能擁有這樣恐怖过200万例,其实在8月10日之前,我们的确诊病例就已经超过200万例了。重要的是,印度人民党驳斥了这橫家一说法,称拉胡尔“对新冠肺炎的了解有限”。人民党总是活在过去,所以看不清目前的现实,这并『不奇怪。直到现在,他们还在指责前国大党政府的失败,这是典型的失败者的做法。甚至他 銀角電鯊怪異们的水军也说尼赫鲁应该为新冠疫情负责,因为他引入了航空公一朵花瓣直接掉在他額頭上司,而新冠病毒是航班带进印鐘柳臉色陰沉度的。


                Khidr Niyazi

                It's all because of Feku's failed unplanned lockdown and hurried lifting.



                Yashodhan Muzumdar

                by end of August we will overtake Brazil and by October we will be number 1. And the blame goes to Nehru Indira Rahul .



                A Dutt

                Dear Readers, please compare Indian figures with that of Pakistan. Pakistan has controlled the infection by 90%.




                Even after 100% infection in the country! Modiji will say there was no community transmission!. Even when the Chinese will reach new Delhi! Modiji will say! No one has occupied even one inch of our land!. Even after our economy has gone into negative growth! Modiji will say our fundamentals are strong!!!.




                But where is Modiji hiding these days!?.



                K Mohan

                India now stands as the huge contributor to overall covid cases across the world


                Bonny Moraes

                Is this a boast?




                A dip of 40% in daily testing as reported is an unpardonable crime when the pandemic is raging like wildfire. The more testing is slowed, more infections will be exacerbated leading to a vicious cycle.




                Even African countries did a better job than Trump and NaMo in handling the Ebola epidemic in dense forest jungles with a rickety health care system



                Elangovan Periasamy

                in the universe none can claimed they never use or touch or tasted chinese products.



                Sanjoy Pandey

                While the numbers are decreasing in rest of the world, it is increasing in India.



                Bonny Moraes

                We have not reached the peak as yet.




                No body dare touch the Gold medal in this event. Its ours all the way.



                Strategic Speaking

                Another feather in Feku's cap.. This man is God's gift to India.... Have no idea about how to run country, economy. Only ting he knows is talk big and encourage religious divide...




                But Modi has been saying 'there is no community transmission of Covid in India'! They have also been saying our recovery rate is better than everyvbody else. And now it is declared we have 26% of al the global cases happened in India! This is despite the fact that Indian population is only 16% of the world population.



                Da Da

                The reason is well known as our people lack about Hygiene,no cleanness at home or in Public Places



                Truth Prevails

                When uneducated and half headed leaders lead the nation



                Truth Prevails

                Feku, will make it 100%.




                Pappu only predicted this would happen but did nothing. Karamvir Modiji made sure this happens.



                Truth Prevails

                Feku thinks whatever is happening in US is good and he replicated the same here



                D Caa

                india fails to contain Covid, it's as clear as the sun rises in the east.




                We are not in community transmission stage yet - I See Yemm Arrrr.



                Sandeep Singh

                India accounts for 22% of world population. So what is the fuss abt 26% cases.



                K Mohan

                Vaccine is the biggest need now and India is waiting for that from Russia


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