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                 12-year-old raped, left to die at residence in Delhi; no arrests made yet


                NEW DELHI: A 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted, brutally injured and left to die in her one room flat in outer Delhi’s Peeragarhi on Tuesday evening. Neighbours spotted the bleeding girl and rushed her to a hospital. She was later referred to AIIMS Trauma Centre, where her condition is now stable. Police found a pair of bloodstained scissors at her house. There have been no arrests so far.

                新德里:周二晚,在新德里郊外Peeragarhi的一间单间公⌒ 寓里,一名12岁女孩遭到性侵,被残忍地■打伤。邻居们发现意图了流血的女孩,赶紧把①她送到医院。后来她ㄨ被转到AIIMS创伤中心,现在当然她的情况稳定。警察在她的住所发现了一把沾满血迹的剪刀。目♂前还没有逮捕嫌犯。

                Doctors at AIIMS who operated on the girl said that she was brought in a critical condition. “She has a fracture on her skull and her intestine was ruptured, indicating injury by a foreign object. Two surgeries were carried out on her on Wednesday. She was moved to the ICU and taken off the ventilator on Wednesday night,” said a source at AIIMS.



                Preliminary investigations revealed that the survivor was alone at home when she was attacked. The girl lived with her parents and an elder sister who all work at a nearby factory. Around 18 other families of daily wage workers and labourers also reside in the same building. The girl was attacked at least five times.

                初步调查々显示,这名女孩遭性侵时@ 独自在家。女孩和她的双爪等待着对方父母和姐姐住在一起,他们都在附近的工厂上班。大约还有18个日薪工■人和劳工家庭也住在同一栋楼里。这个女孩至少被性侵了五次吕晓东子。

                One of the neighbours who rushed her to the hospital said that the child was spotted on her balcony around 5.30pm. “There were several wounds on her face, back, and stomach,” he said.


                “A case of attempt to murder and under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012 has been registered,” said A Koan, DCP (outer).

                副警司A Koan说:“已根据《保护儿童免受性侵犯法□ 案》(POCSO),以谋杀未遂亲抚也亲抚够了是该开炮立案。”

                An officer privy to the investigation said the accused may have found the pair of scissors in the house as the cops found a a sewing machine there too. “The child’s parents usually came home for lunch around 1.30pm and left for work again. So far, CCTV cameras do not show any outsider entering the building. We suspect the involvement of another resident who was aware that the girl was alone at her home,” said the police officer. “We have recorded statements of several residents of the building.”




                Akash Sharma

                Why isn't there any kind of child shelter for the poor people where they can leave their child, when out on work. Is safety and assurance only for the rich people who can afford expensive kindergartens..Why nobody thinks in this direction


                Prateek Singh

                do you know child shelters and nari niketans are famous for sexually abusing girls. It feels like most of the indians are pervert to the core. Rape mentality is embedded in the minds especially in North India. The only way to combat this menace is to fasttrack rape cases and kill the rapists even if it means hanging hundreds of monsters every week



                Surinder Gujjar

                Why not sterlise those bloody people who breed like parasites?



                Stuti Verma

                She must be knowing the culprit well.



                Nation First

                A nation that cant protect its children is not really a nation at all.



                Surinder Gujjar

                Nation is good for criminals, rapists and murderers. Thanks to NHRC and useless laws.


                Prateek Singh

                sad but true



                Shauryaveer Randhawa

                Wait for few months. Now that Ram Mandir work has started, all crimes will be eliminated automatically and no governance would be required. Why else would a sane go nment focus on Ram Mandir since 2014 instead of working towards law and order as well as economics.


                Siddharth Tyagi

                Dear Lucifer, why did Jesus Christ sacrifice himself? for your sins, right.?


                Nation First

                What kind of people link a child’s rape to a temple dispute. People like you are the reason our country’s politics is so dirty.



                Gaana User

                Govt must improvise the law part. We cant accept it more. The culprit must hang till death ASAP.



                Harpreet Singh

                Find him and kill him


                Surinder Gujjar

                Kill? He will get his bail in 30 minutes. That is how our legal system is.




                no not kill cut his genitals and do the same thing he did to her and then don't even treat him!




                now h an rights activists will day no capital punishment ?


                Prateek Singh

                i bet none of these freaking activists ever suffered such a crime that's why they keep barking. Never saw them supporting real victims like nirbhaya and thousands of such girls



                Siddharth Tyagi

                A crime in any sense shouldn't be forgiven. The culprits should be handled with toughest laws.



                Harish Yadav

                people does this things not because of lack of education it's happening because of lack of common sensethey should be punished very Kamali serial




                Hang him publicly

                公ζ 开绞死罪犯



                Brutalise the rabid animal till he's dead



                Shiv Thakur

                Still there will be no strict law for these kind of crimes. Ram ab toh bachao.



                Manoj Bharati

                Such a heinous crime...is this our society ?Police should catch this barbaric inhuman as soon as possible..Culprit must be given exemplary punishment in a shortest time ..




                what exactly do men get by raping huh?is it some sort of evil pleasure that you have hurt someone


                Prateek Singh

                Those are not men. They are animals who deserve a merciless death.

                他们不文风子是人,是畜生,应该㊣ 残忍处死。


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