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                 Record 70k+ new cases in a day, 13k just in Maharashtra



                NEW DELHI: India registered a record number of fresh Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, crossing the 70,000-mark for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic. With 70,101 new cases, the country’s tally crossed the 28-lakh mark at 28,33,015. With 978 fresh deaths, the country’s cumulative toll reached 53,929.

                新德里:周三,印度新增病ζ 例创新记录,自疫情爆发以来单日新增首平衡次突破7万例,达到70101例,全国累计确诊总数青血凌超过280万例,达到2833015例。新死亡病例978例,累计死亡恐怕就会被对方打成猪头病例达53929例。

                The huge surge came on the back of a record number of cases in Maharashtra — which became the first state in the country to cross the 13,000-mark with 13,165 people testing positive for the virus — as well as seven other states registering their highest daily peak of fresh Covid patients. Maharashtra’s previous highest peak of fresh cases was recorded on August 8 with 12,822 cases.


                The active Covid cases in the country now stand at 6,88,162. A total of 20,90,924 patients have recovered from the virus – which translates into a recovery rate of 73.8%.

                目前印度现㊣ 存确诊688162例,累计治愈2090924名患者,治愈率为73.8%。

                In the last 19 days of August alone, Maharashtra has added 2.07 lakh new cases and of these only 19,331, or 9.3%, were from Mumbai. In July, it took the state 26 days to add two lakh cases, indicating the rapid spread of the infection in other areas of Maharashtra. Worryingly for the state, the active caseload has now gone up to 1.6 lakh, after hovering under the 1.5 lakh range for the last 30 days. Maharashtra also registered 346 news deaths, taking the overall fatalities beyond the 21,000-mark to 21,033. Mumbai accounted for 46 of the 346 fatalities on Wednesday.


                After Maharashtra, Karnataka accounted for maximum fatalities with 126 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu with 116 casualties. Besides Maharashtra, the other states/UT that registered a record number of fresh infections were Kerala (2333 cases), UP (5156), Jharkhand (1266), Punjab (1693), Haryana (994), Chhattisgarh (759) and J&K (708).

                继马哈拉施特拉邦之※后,卡纳塔克邦的新增死亡病例最车后面多,达到126例,其次是泰米尔纳德邦,116例。除了马哈拉卐施特拉邦,其他单日新增确诊病例创新高的邦为:喀拉拉邦(2333例),北方邦(5156例),贾坎德邦(1266例),旁遮普(1693例),哈里亚纳邦一剑之圣者一(994例),恰蒂Ψ 斯加尔邦(759例)和贾加有些无语克邦(708例)。

                Other states that recorded casualties in double figures on Wednesday were . Andhra 86 more deaths, UP (53 deaths), West Bengal (53), Gujarat (17), Rajasthan (12), Odisha (10), Haryana (10), Madhya Pradesh (18), Punjab (24), J&K (11), Jharkhand (13) and Uttarakhand (14).




                Umair Ahmad

                Modi go nment should resign ASAP




                And govt wanted to reopen schools..dumbest country possible



                Abhijit Sharma

                Modi and his babus failed in corona control



                K Mohan Twincities

                And those who are not properly wearing mask should be punished forthwith



                Gumnami Baba

                Another master stroke by Modiji.



                Asok Datta

                The target of our go nment is to reach 100000 cases per day to beat the US and very soon they will achieve it; advance congratulations Sir for your remarkable achievement- at least in one field we are going to beat the US



                Vande Matram

                Gold Medalist



                Rajesh Singh

                Serum survey in Pune revealed presence of corona antibodies in 51% of the population. Extrapolate it to the entire country and you have infection in several crore people.



                Avin Khoval

                Govt has failed miserably to control the virus spread.

                We soon will become no 2 in total cases.

                And then we will have 50 lac cases.



                K Mohan Twincities

                By touching 70000 cases a day the country is facing huge problem now



                Nachiket Katha

                India is paying price of electing illiterate PM who thought beating vessels and lighting diyas would cure Covid.



                Raj Dutta

                We’re halfway through August and cases are still rising rapidly



                Kaizad Katrak

                People are also responsible for the spread as we are not disciplined. One can see people unnecessarily moving out and having a picnic atmosphere in mumbai. The police are also not forcing people to wear the face mask or maintaining social distance.



                A Dutt

                In the meantime, Pakistan has successfully brought down the infection rate from 5000plus to 500plus. Even Bangladesh and sanction-ridden Iran have to, some extent, successfully contained the spread. Shame on Indian leadership.



                Alcohol Kills Ganja Chills

                Something is clearly wrong with the go nment approach .



                K Mohan Twincities

                The find of vaccine would be only lasting solution to end this pandemic



                Vande Matram

                Modiji promised vaccine by 15 august ... was it 2020 or 2021?

                莫迪□ 承诺疫苗将在8月15日前问世,是2020年8月15日还是2021年8月15日?

                Sunil Sane

                Please send me the link where Modi promised the vaccine on August 15th.



                Alcohol Kills Ganja Chills

                The go nment is not at all serious. If this goes on..The world will isolate Government shouldn't let India become the epicenter of Covid Pandemic



                vijay thommandra

                Even if a perfect vaccine is produced it will take more than one year to cover the entire population and by this time colossal loss would have taken place both economically and deathwise. Only chance India has got is the virus should disappear naturally.

                即使研制出了一种完美的疫苗,也需要一年多的时☆间才能让所有人接种上,届时经济已经遭受重创,死亡人数也将不计其说自己喝多了得回家休息数。印度⌒ 唯一的机会就是病毒自行消失。


                Nirmal Dhiman

                According to BJP , everything is fine and they feel India is doing better that rest of world in terms of Carona pandemic. They will keep on fooling people about recovery rate figures.




                Blaming Govt alone wont help...Govt cant do every thing. We the people have great responsibility too..




                Clapping in Balconies and lighting Diyas might help

                All should do that again




                Jyotindra Verma

                it shows that people of India are not taking the correct action and precautions.and the go nment has no control over public discipline.


                三泰虎原创译李冰清对司机说道文,禁止转载!:首页 > 资讯 » 印度单日新增7万多例,创新高,仅马哈若是掺杂了其他拉施特拉邦就新增1.3万例