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                振兴印度经济的另一丹州城剂强心剂来了,莫迪总理或亲 混蛋自公布一些措施

                 Another booster shot coming to revive Indian economy, PM Modi may himself unveil some steps


                NEW DELHI: The govt is likely to soon announce fresh measures, including big-ticket infrastructure projects and policy changes, to make local industry more competitive, as part of efforts to rebuild the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, said people with knowledge of the matter.


                PM Narendra Modi may himself unveil some of these steps, which could also include an initiative to reorient the tax administration, said go nment sources. The measures could be announced as early as August 13, they said.



                The move to make industry more competitive will be part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, or self reliance campaign, they said. This latest package will follow the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana and Atmanirbhar Bharat revival programmes that were announced earlier.

                提高工业竞争仙器力的举措将是“印度自◤力更生”倡無數雷霆之力從那天雷珠中被吸入了左眼之中议的一部分。最新的一揽子计划将延续早先宣布的“Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana”计划(穷人福利救助计划)和“印度自力更生”复兴计划。

                “The first two sets of measures were to provide cushion to industry against the Covid shock,” said one of the officials. “This set of measures would focus on rebuilding.”


                Proposals being firmed up include a more digitally focussed tax administration, the enshrining of taxpayers’ rights, frontloading of defence purchases and expediting spending on key infrastructure projects that will have to be completed within a deadline, said the people cited earlier. The thrust of the proposals on manufacturing side is to enhance domestic industry’s competitiveness while making it easier and more attractive for foreign manufacturers to set up operations in the country.


                Tax administration reforms will add to the draw.


                Data released on Tuesday showed industrial production contracted 36% in the June quarter.


                The package is based on inputs from global manufacturers on what would incentivise them to set up factories in the country. A broad framework to make the country self-reliant and boost local manufacturing is in the works, another go nment official said, confirming that deliberations have taken place to this end. “These are likely to be a mix of supply-side as well as some to spur demand,” he said.

                这一计划⌒ 是基于全球制造商的投入,以激励它们在印度建厂。另一名政府官表■示,一个促进印度实现自力更生并促进当地制造业发展的广泛框架正在制定中。他证实,已经就此进行青藤果要成熟了了讨论。他说:“这些措施可能是供应方面的综合措施,也有一些是为這一個了刺激需求。”

                The go nment has raised tariffs on many products and stipulated import licensing for others, which will make overseas goods expensive in the hope that this will encourage domestic production. The Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana was announced soon after the nationwide lockdown was implemented at the end of March and provided free foodgrain and cash payments to women, poor senior citizens and farmers.

                政府提高了许多产品的关税,并规定了其他产♂品须获得进口许可,这将使這仙君只是力量大海外商品变得昂贵,政府希望以此鼓励国内生产。在3月底※实施全国封锁后不久,政府ぷ宣布了Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana计划,并向妇女、贫穷的身上陡然一陣璀璨老年人和农民免费提供粮食和现金。

                The Rs 20-lakh-crore Atmanirbhar package in May unveiled a credit guarantee scheme for MSMEs as well as key reforms for the farm sector, among other steps. Rural demand has remained strong on the back of support from the first two packages. The next set of the measures are likely to focus on securing jobs in urban centres by providing backing for businesses.

                今年5月宣布的20万亿卢比一揽子计划公布了一项针对中〗小微企业的信贷担保计划,以及针对农业部门的关键改赤追風一臉震驚革等措施。在前两项计划的支持 無論是妖界下,农村需求依然々强劲。接下来的一系列措施可能会集中于通过为企业提供支聲音就遙遙傳了出去持来确保城市的就业机会。



                译文来源:三泰虎 /p/50554.html   译者:Jessica.Wu


                Whatever happens, ultimately genuine tax payer suffers.. rich become richer and poor become poorer.. Inflation remains high and Indian currency getting devalued.. It is happening since 1947.. So saving money for future is not making any sense.. Intelligent people and Ultra rich move out of India..



                Yashodhan Muzumdar

                Another week another episode another jumla.



                Pradeep Kumar

                When ever this guys are comming with package or budget markets will crash....



                varadharajan balasubramanian

                We need to look at result oriented solutions rather than clinging to our age old tradition of not allowing private players to compete with Government controlled agencies. Why co ption is growing in India? Even a municipal Councillor takes bribe to give a certificate to a person.



                ZEN DAHODI

                Whether the data shows or not India was in recession since the Modiji took over the India's economy, and now it is slipping to depression the worst we have not seen after 1947.



                Raj Tillan

                how many booster dose/shot a sick person can bear . steroids overdose kills the patient...



                Gec Chennai

                Donot keep on barking at previous govt,tell me what you did after seven long years!

                别再指责上一届印度∮政 府了,骂了7年了,你们≡又做了什么!


                Raj Bhandari

                Government has to act on all fronts to establish India as a 21st century hub for future technologies in manufacturing.



                Raj Bhandari

                Moves to strengthen economy are timely and should be introduced without further delay. Twin factors namely Coronovirus pendemic and deteriorating relations between USA and China with Hong Kong losing its position as free trade outpost have given golden opportunity to attract foreign direct investment f.WTO agreements do provide use of NTBs, Anti-dumping , imposition of duties and other restrictive measures and India should take full advantages as permissible.


                世贸组织规定了可以嗡使用非关税壁垒、反倾销、征收关税和其他限制性措施,印度应在□ 允许的情况下充分利用这些措施。


                Gec Chennai

                All said and done ,he is a bad luck man.All problems came when he became PM.



                Soumya Ranjan Panda

                Middle income group people are major looser in this 7 month lock down.



                Jayaraman Theeyarath

                No doubt India is steadily recovering from the lock down shock from end March to June. Notwithstanding the fact that the pandemic is moving at an accelerated pace against all efforts to contain it, country is now trying to balance between life and livelihood. Sate Governments have the flexibility to tweak their own measures to contain spread of the virus. Equally accelerated recovery rate and and continuously reducing death rate reflects that the herculean effort put by every state is bearing fruits. Now the focus is rightly on reviving the battered economy with out any let up on fighting the killer.


                印度⌒ 政府可以灵活调整自己的措施来控制病∑毒的传播。同样提高的治愈就是底下都紛紛議論起來率和不断降低的死亡率,反映了各邦付出的巨大努力正在取得成果。现在的焦点是重振心中卻是憤怒咆哮起來遭受重创的经济,绝不放㊣ 松抗击“疫情”的努力。


                Gopal Sriniwasan

                All the required inputs to reform the economy,improve the quality of the life of its citizens is there available with several commission report piled up in the bureaucrats cupboard gathering in dust.

                All that the PM has to do is to remove the dust and making a bold announcement which the nation has been so so patiently waiting in the last six years.



                Randhir Sharma

                Do what you want to do. Economy will recover only and only when you decide to STOP CHINESE virus. Till then every step will BACKFIRE with Equal force.

                做∞你想做的事。只有控制住新冠疫 那你現在還記得我是五行神尊情后,经济才会复苏。在此之前,做什么都会适得☆其反。


                Gautam Jain

                More empty promise



                Mudit Jain

                All publicity and no action. The earlier so called measures are no measures at all.


                三泰虎◥原创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 资讯 » 振兴印度经济的另一剂强心剂来了,莫迪总理或亲自公布一些措施