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                印网友:我看过开放前的∑中国, Navneet: 改革开放后中国进步是惊人的

                Living In Gaogang

                Sometime ago Sureshji posted a blog expressing his desire to visit China in January 2017. Two, three years ago Dr. Arun Mehta, who used to blog here had expressed a similar desire too. Some other bloggers from time to time have expressed their keenness to see China after reading my blogs, but I have never seen tourists here. At least in Gaogang where I live, no tourists come to visit. There are only a few Indians around here. Two of them are working with me in the same project. One is our Site Manager, who is from Kerala and another is a paint supervisor from Nagpur. Besides this there is one Mr. Chopra has come a few months ago for a project at another shipyard.



                其他人看了我的文章后,也表示很想去中国看看。可是我在这里没ζ 看到游客啊。


                其中两个︽和我一起工作在同一项目中。一个是来自克拉拉邦的现场经理,另一个是来自那格浦尔的涂装项目主管 。


                译文来源:三泰虎 /44411.html


                After my blogs became popular with the Chinese, I started knitting big dreams of imitating Jack Ma’s success story or rewriting that of Binny Bansal of ‘Flip cart’ fame, or anyone from those brigades of youngsters who started out with nothing but a dream. Haha- I am not young but can’t the oldies have dreams? If you see a short video of Jack Ma where he relates of his repeated failures before taste of success, even the most doubtful entrepreneur would get encouraged to try, but perhaps I need a little more push. I haven’t given up on dreaming, of course I can’t because I am a passionate writer and dreaming is the very breath of my passion, but I think the businessmen are made of some different material. Well, well I am not going to reveal the details of my dream lest someone steals the idea but with my heart set on making it big, I did make a website three years ago.







                Happy Neighbours.....Why can't we be?

                It was supposed to be a window between India and China, perennially acrimonious, envious neighbours. It was to be a kind of window the Indian women use for exchanging information with their neighbours on important issues of gossip, rumour, romance and promiscuity and their constant pains in the neck, the maids and weird demands of their husbands. In India such a window is also used for exchanging small dishes for sampling the special cuisines made by the women for not only getting appreciations for their culinary skills but more importantly for conveying the message about expensive quality of food they routinely have and for stunning their neighbours they garnish them lavishly with dry fruit or add a dollop of “Desi Ghee” (Homemade clarified butter) and hope their acts would not only impress the neighbours but also burn them down to cinders in envy.


                三泰虎原▂创译文,禁止转载!:首页 > 印度人在中国 » 印网友:我看过就在和小唯开放前的中国, Navneet: 改革开放后中国进步是惊人的