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                ULTRA Wide Load! World's LARGEST container ship that weighs 210,890 tonnes and spans FOUR football pitches makes its maiden call at UK port


                Stretching a quarter of a mile and weighing a mighty 210,890 tonnes, the world's largest container ship laden with cars, car parts, clothing, shoes and electrical goods from Asia hauled itself into a British port for the first time as stunned onlookers gasped and took photos of the mega-vessel with their phones.


                The 21,413 TEU OOCL Hong Kong, which can carry up to 21,000 20ft containers, arrived after a 17-year absence from British waters at the Hutchinson Port of Felixstowe, Suffolk.

                全球最大的集装箱船停靠〓在英国费力克斯◢托港。这艘船属于香港东方海外国际,被命名为“OOCL Hong Kong”。

                It returned to the UK as part of the Ocean Alliance - the largest operational agreement between shipping companies - where it will serve the Asia-Europe trade lane from the seaside town.


                “OOCL Hong Kong” 有着让人印象深刻的数据,它的船体足足有四个足球场∏大,长400米,宽58.8米。船的总吨◆位是210000吨。它有着⌒巨大的容量,可以携带21413个20英尺√的集装箱,为世㊣ 界之最。



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                stewski, Doncaster, United Kingdom, about an hour ago

                Unsinkable,there thats done for it..



                Mrs D Halliford, London, about an hour ago

                Won't be needed much longer when those WTO tariffs kick in! For richer, far poorer...


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